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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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causing huge problems for the morning commute. and there are three big things going on today in the deadly derailment investigation. we will learn if he was on his phone at the time of the wreck. get ready, heat on the way, it's 67 degrees, 6:00 a.m. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." aye tracy davidson. >> welcome back. bill henley's been away for a week or so. let's get right to bill henley with the forecast. welcome, bill. >> nice to be back especially on a day like this where we'll see lots of sunshine but the humidity stays low today. it'll be warm afternoon. the heat the real heat waits for tomorrow. look at that great view. the sun coming up this morning, that's a view from the mellon bank building in center city. 67 degrees here at nbc 10. there are cooler spots, though allentown at 57 down to 63 now in trenton and wilmington is 62 degrees. we will see bright sunshine and look at the warm-up. by 8:00 we'll be pushing towards 70 degrees, 78 degrees
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at 11:00 and then it's well into the 80s this afternoon. it's about to turn even hotter. take a look into the future with extended future weather. the first potential heat wave for our area. that when i come back in ten minutes, but right now, let's find out more on the traffic problems this morning. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. how is it looking out there? >> we've seen better days there, bill. right now, we have a live picture on top of a scene out in burlington county. so on 295 on the northbound side this is sky force 10 live over top of this. an overturned tractor-trailer. a massive fuel spill, excuse me, debris spill in the area, as well. all lanes completely stopped at this exact moment. every once in a while, they allow the left-hand shoulder to squeeze through. you can see a massive backup behind that scene, as well. police activity there. i'm going to give you more details up to my maps right now. to get around this take the new jersey turnpike between burlington and mt. holly road on the northbound side. 95 around gerard avenue starting to build in volume in
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typical spots, but total drive times doing okay. 16 minutes headed southbound up towards the center city area. so no real problems. we are dealing with delays due to equipment problems on the market. frankford line for septa. it is 6:02. and today, the senate commerce committee will hear from experts about efforts to prevent train accidents like the deadly derailment in port richmond. >> we could also learn if the amtrak engineer was using his cell phone at the time of the crash. nbc 10's chris cato live for us with more on that. chris? >> yeah you know that's one of the big questions everyone has had since we learned that the ntsb seized or gathered the cell phone from engineer brian bostian. now we know that investigators have determined whether or not he was using that cell phone at the time of the crash and we should get that answer today. we'll learn what they found when the ntsb releases the report later this morning. the engineer there suffered a concussion in the crash. he told investigators he doesn't
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remember anything about the actual crash although the day after the crash, his lawyer did tell the media he reached for his cell phone in a bag to call 911. over the past several weeks, investigators have been sorting through his phone records. meantime, last night, the u.s. house passed a bill that cuts amtrak's budget by $242 million. the white house, though has threatened to veto the bill. lawmakers did add $9 million in funding to install video cameras inside train cabs. those cabs those cameras would not be facing outward. they would be facing the engineer to record the engineers during transit. and that would help investigators get to the bottom of crashes like the one in philadelphia where eight people were killed. also yesterday, the federal railroad administration urged transit agencies all of them not just amtrak to identify dangerous curves along their tracks and make sure that automatic train control is in place to stop speeding trains. that's the system that was not in place on the section of track on the northeast corridor where
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amtrak 188 derailed in philadelphia. and last month's derailment as you know took the lives of eight people and injured more than 200. again, we expect today to learn what nvlgtinvestigators found if they determined that engineer was using his cell phone at the time of the crash. you'll get that update through the nbc 10 app. it's a free download on your smarpt smartphone. it is 6:04. new from overnight, a stray bullet hits an innocent man in north philadelphia. police say two men were fighting at front and -- one man pulled out a gun and opened fire. hit a 53-year-old man across the street. he was taken to temple hospital and expected to be okay. police say the shooter and the guy he was arguing with ran off. happening today the two brothers accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer are scheduled to appear in court williams and hipps will be formally arraigned later this morning. they're accused of shooting and killing sergeant robert wilson
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iii during a robbery at a video game store in north philadelphia back in march. this morning, investigators in delaware county are searching for the killer who murdered a delivery driver just feet from his truck. 63-year-old thomas childs had worked for ridgeway industries for 15 years. investigators searched the cemetery near that business yesterday for clues. they tell us it was just before 4:00 a.m. on tuesday, police were called by another truck driver who spotted a person acting strangely in the loading bays. and when they got there, they found the body of the victim lying on the ground. it was apparently an attempted robbery gone wrong. >> work in the middle of the night minding his own business. and not bothering anybody and he gets murdered for $10, $20. >> take a look the a the sketch of the suspect described as a light-skinned black male between 22 and 24 with a slight mustache. if you recognize him, call police. a montgomery county mom who
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admitted she had a sexual relationship with her daughter's classmate will not have to serve any jail time. yesterday, a judge sentenced her to five years probation in exchange for her guilty plea. police say they caught her having sex with a 17-year-old boy in a public park last fall. police say she met the boy while volunteering as a cheer mom for her daughter's cheerleading squad. she told a judge she had made a horrible decision and that she's been in therapy since her arrest. meanwhile, this morning, police are hoping witnesses will come forward to help find a hit-and-run driver who critically injured a local actor. bystanders found michael toner in the street tuesday morning in center city. police say the veteran philadelphia stage actor may have been crossing at the light when he was hit and dragged. doctors had to amputate one of his legs. it is 6:06. new jersey supreme court is side with governor chris christie
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over pension funds. overturned a lower court order which means the state does not have to contribute a certain amount of pensions. governor christie calls it an important victory for taxpayers. saying in part it is time to move forward and work together to find a tangible long-term solution to make our pension system and public employee health benefit costs affordable and sustainable for generations to come. preparing for the pope. today archbishop will speak at the u.s. conference of catholic bishops in st. louis. get an update on the world meeting of families and to pope's visit this september. talked to rocco palmo about why all the bishops want to hear from him. >> even though it's being hosted by the archdiocese of philadelphia, it's an event given to the entire church of the united states. national event, the fund raising's been international. most of the people going to be coming here 15,000 20,000
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before the papal visit coming outside the diocese. >> he says today's conference is important because it's the last time the bishops will meet before the pope addresses them in september and gives them marching orders for the direction of the american church. and some priests here at home are learning how to carry out one of the pope's main missions. nbc 10's katie zachary spoke to a group of seminary students. what is this education about? >> hi vai, all this week seminary students from the trenton arch diocesee archdiocese are here visiting. this is where pope francis is expected to stay while he's here for the world meeting of families in september. the students here are focusing on one of the pope's main directives, church management. he wants priests to become more prepared to deal with financial and business aspects of running a parish. now, this comes as many diocese face financial woes. the bishop of trenton put this conference together along with the help of villanova center for
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church management. >> what we're trying to do is provide them with principles. sense of the principles so they don't have to learn on the job, go into the job with the success of what's necessary. >> management is really important. starting with the reform of the vatican bank and his development of a department of economy within the vatican. >> and jim gallo who you just heard from recently met the pope at the vatican and relaid a personal message from philadelphia. reporting live in wynnewood, nbc 10 news. nine minutes after 6:00 we're holding at 67 degrees. but now, we've got some sunshine. and that's going to lead to a pretty quick warm-up today. in fact, warmer than normal low
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80s is what we would normally see this time of year. like yesterday, we'll be in the middle to upper 80s. you'll need your sunglasses today. tomorrow, you'll need to find a cool spot. a potential heat wave taking shape into the 90s starting tomorrow afternoon. and the humidity will be joining the heat and that could lead to some isolated showers and thunderstorms that will become more likely over the coming days. right now, heading out the door no the bad at all. doylestown, 61 degrees. 57 in millville and philadelphia's at 68 degrees. and there's a nice sunny view from the comcast center in philadelphia. through the day today, it's tomorrow we'll see some clouds popping up with a chance of some scattered showers. but for today clouds nearest clouds are offshore. and they're going to stay clear of our area today. it's going to be a quick warm-up. the satellite imagery will show sunshine today and that will warm the pocono mountains into the upper 70s after a cool start this morning. allentown and redding hit 86 degrees, nothing but sunshine for doylestown trenton and mt.
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holy holly. dover beach, 79 degrees, plus 86 for vineland and dover in the middle 80s. and lots of sunshine for west chester, drexel hill and swedesboro. the potential heat wave when i'm back in ten. 6:11 this hump day wednesday morning and morning commuters in south jersey going to find trouble in burlington township. >> carrying boxes of apple juice all over the road. jessica, what can you tell us? >> live right now over top of the scene out on 295 where a massive debris spill in combination with the overturned tractor-trailer, all lanes blocked off right now. this is in burlington county. so earlier today, we did have one lane squeezing by to the shoulder. therest a massive backup behind this scene. it will be out there for quite some time as this cleanup. they haven't turned the car up the tractor-trailer upright yet. so, as we head over a little more details about that. if you do have to head around
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that area, take the new jersey turnpike. and if you want to avoid the tolls, take 130. that's northbound on 295 at burlington mt. holly. and more updates on the cleanup to come. tracy? well for many, summer is synonymous with pool fun. matt is live with what the ymca is doing to make sure kids are having safe while having fun. matt. >> reporter: that's right. they're giving away free swim lessons for local school children. coming up after the break, i'll break down the three groups most likely to be victims of drowning. i'll have that next. and there could be dangerous furniture in your home. the children's armoires dresses and hutches part of a nationwide recall.
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>> and we move it to the next one up. >> jesse is awesome girl with a fun personality. she has really come a long way over the last couple of years. >> jesse is this week's wednesday's child. >> call 1-866-do-adopt or visit and search wednesday's child. for information on how to begin your adoption journey.
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just about 6:16 and 67 degrees. an active shooter drill is happening today in north philadelphia. school officials will test their plan policies and response actions for a shooting scenario that happens around 8:00 this morning. officials say drills like today's will help identify strengths and potential areas of improvement. summertime is almost here. so the pool will be a popular spot. but is your child ready for the water? nbc 10 is live outside a ymca in the graduate hospital neighborhood of philadelphia. and matt people there are getting free lessons that they're hoping will save lives. tell us more. >> well the best way to prevent drowning is of course with prevention. a way to do that is with swim lessons. and here at the ymca they'll be giving away 300 swim lessons to local school children later on this morning. they believe it's important considering that drowning is the number one cause of death from
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kids 1 to 4. the second leading cause of death for children under 14. that's not the only thing. in addition to children, the people most at risk for drowning are males, 80% of drowning victims are male. and on top of that another group susceptible to drowning according to the cdc, minorities minorities. >> 70% of african-americans don't know how to swim. and because they don't, their parents don't swim, then normally the kids don't learn to swim. there's a lot of fear in the community. they don't have a lot of exposure to pools. so that's why we felt this was really necessary to do this. >> and the folks here hoping that the swim lessons, free lessons will help at least with these 300 kids to get that process going. and that school that is getting these lessons, that will be announced later on this morning. for now, nbc 10 news. >> and children's furniture
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being recalled because they could tip over and suffocate a child. if you bought an amrmoire. the plastic restraint strap used to attach the furniture to a wall can break and allow the unit to tip over and on to a child. about 18,000 units are being recalled in the u.s. we continue to follow the overturned tractor-trailer. juice boxes, apple juice all over 295. >> sky force up in the air and jessica has more on that. jessica? >> guys we're out in burlington township on top of 295 on the northbound side. some actual good news here. they had all lanes closed off a second ago. they're allowing one lane of cars to get through over to the left-hand shoulder. you can see the tractor-trailer blocking off the rest of the lanes as the juice boxes of apple juice are actually covering the area as well. a lot of police activity on the scene. now, this will be there for quite some time because you can see they haven't looked it up. the tractor-trailer, as we head behind the scene, a massive
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backup as three lanes try to merge into one and squeeze on through. the maps though take the new jersey turnpike if you want to avoid the tolls, take route 130 to get by the scene on burlington mt. holly road. for now, out on the schuylkill expressway on the conshohocken curve, starting to see volume in both directions. still no real problems just typical volume. 422 dealing with the same thing. headed eastbound is where we see the volume normally in the morning, 29 to the schuylkill expressway. still no problems. just starting to climb up a little bit, 10-minute trip. due to some equipment problems we want to check before you head out the door. no problems near the new jersey transit. >> 19 minutes after 6:00. 69 degrees, and we've got sunshine. brilliant sunshine during the day today. look at that view. this is from the mellon bank building in center city. might see a few thin clouds on the horizon there. but get ready to see sunshine warm us from the 60s into the 80s this afternoon.
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the pocono mountains, look at this dramatic view. this is from jim thorpe. there are low clouds and spots of fog in the mountains. this camera is above all of that. that will be thinning out and disappearing, sunshine for this afternoon in the mountains. in fact the entire area will see sunshine. 80s today, the humidity stays low today. but more of a southwesterly wind develops for tomorrow. hot, humid conditions on the way. potentially, the first heat wave of the season. starts tomorrow. today, we'll see 70s tonight, 80s this afternoon, 70s tonight, that's first thing tomorrow morning, 71 degrees. and then look at tomorrow afternoon. we'll go right through the 80s and into the 90s. that's 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the heat and humidity could lead to some spotty showers, and some isolated showers possible at that time tomorrow. and no showers today. just grab your sunglasses. bright sunshine, nice and warm, but the humidity does stay low today. 80s this afternoon. the 90s start tomorrow.
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93 after morning low of 68. isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible tomorrow. and if we do get them they could be strong. but they turn even more likely for friday and saturday, too. friday afternoon, 94 degrees, 90 on saturday. and then we get a break. sunday looks really nice. the humidity comes down 85 the high temperature. and into the 80s, again, monday and tuesday. well hope is alive for the salvation of the 133-year-old church comes down to a vote. plus this -- we were just talking about this. eagles fans are a lot of things but having poor grammar isn't one of them. where the birds landed on the nfl grammar list. who knew?
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new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part.
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now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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we have new information
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surrounding the fight to save a fish town church from being demolished. yesterday the historical commission agreed to vote on whether the church should be considered an historic building. the archdiocese says the 133-year-old church is in danger of collapsing and wants to tear it down. a vote to declare it an historic building would spare it from demolition. the vote is scheduled for july. good morning, everyone. we are checking out this overturned tractor-trailer still, combined with the debris spill in burlington township. this is on 295 northbound on burlington and mt. holly road. to get around it for the time being, as you can see, one lane maybe not even considered a lane the left-hand shoulder. keep closing that and reopening it. a massive backup behind that scene. you can take the new jersey turnpike or route 130 to get around and we will keep you updated on the cleanup in the next half hour. for now, we'll check on today's forecast with bill henley.
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>> going to stay with us all day long. sunshine and temperatures that will climb into the 80s this afternoon. look at that nice sunny view from sky force 10. temperatures right now, they're about at the coolest, 61 degrees in northeast philadelphia. wilmington at 62 and 57 in millville. typically, your coolest temperatures just after sunrise. so this cool start will not last. and now down to 61 in northeast philadelphia. well today's the day we could find out if a major piece of information in the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia is available. live in the digital operations center with the latest on that. chris? >> yeah remember last week when investigators went before congress for that congressional amtrak hearing and congress told them you have 15 days to find out if the engineer was using hi cell phone at the time of the derailment? well, today, investigators say they have that answer.
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it is 6:30 and an overturned tractor-trailer carrying apple juice brings interstate 295 in south jersey to a stand still. this is a live picture from sky force 10. and we'll help you get around the crash. was the engineer distracted by his phone? in the past few minutes, new information about exactly when we will find out. and warm today, but it's going to heat up a little bit here, in fact we could have our first heat wave of the season in the next few days. and that's not the only weather threat. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> it's 6:30 and 67 degrees outside. bill henley with the first alert forecast. bill? >> along with the heat and humidity will come the risk of strong storms for our area. starting tomorrow. today, the humidity's going to decrease as the temperature
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comes up. right now it's 67 degrees at nbc 10. and the sun's coming up more sunshine on center city. a nice view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. meantime, it's still cool for millville, 57 degrees, 57 also in allentown. in the 60s for wilmington northeast philadelphia and trenton. and now climbing. the sun will be bright through the day today. look at the warm-up, by 2:00 this afternoon, 84 and it will go higher and even hotter starting tomorrow. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten minutes. for now, more on that big mess in new jersey. jessica from the first alert traffic center. jessica? >> we have a debris spill, an overturned tractor-trailer out in burlington county new jersey with this tractor-trailer carrying apple juice. you can see a major spill in the area. thankfully, though they are letting one left hand shoulder lane get by. three lanes on 295 completely backed up behind this scene.
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as you can see with sky force 10. that's 295 northbound right around burlington and mt. holly road. as we head on over to our maps i can give you alternates, take the new jersey turnpike to get around. if you don't want to take and avoid some tolls, take route 130 to get by that scene, as well. now, we are dealing with were dealing with police activity out on route 1 out in bucks county right around. these are the southbound lanes right here. you can see it kind of lingering in the right-hand shoulder. no problems headed southbound as well. now, out in upper moreland an accident scene on lyndon avenue. more updates to come for you for 295. tracy in? happening today, we're expected to find out if the engineer was on his cell phone at the time of that deadly train derailment in port richmond. the latest findings today. the result of the investigation going on since the derailment. chris cato is live now. you just got new information. tell us. >> now, we can give you a more definitive time frame of when we will have this important answer
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from the ntsb. this answer everyone's been wondering since the time of the crash. ntsb told us they will tweet that information on whether the engineers using the cell phone. they'll tweet that between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. of course, we will push it out immediately to you through the nbc 10 app. but this is the answer. one of the big questions that remain unanswered following the crash. investigators have been looking at the cell phone data. the cell phone records of the engineer. brian trying to determine if he was using his phone at the time the train 188 derailed and came off the tracks. you'll remember in the days following the accident, his attorney told the media that he didn't remember anything about the crash but he did remember coming to and retrieving his cell phone from a bag to call 911. that would imply he was not, indeed using the phone at the time of the crash. but the ntsb has been checking to see if that story's true. and so today, we should hear the answer, we will hear the answer now between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. now, meantime last night, the
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u.s. house passed a bill that will cut amtrak's budget by $242 million. the white house has threatened to veto that bill. lawmakers added $9 million in funding to install video cameras inside train cabs to record the engineers and that would help investigators get to the bottom of crashes, line the derailment in philadelphia. if we had cameras, we would know if he was on the phone at the time of the crash. the federal railroad administration urged transit agencies to identify dangerous curves along the tracks and make sure automatic train control is in place to stop speeding trains. that's the system that was not in place on the section of track where train 188 derailed in philadelphia. now, last night, the acting administrator told us exclusively she's hoping for even more money from congress to implement these safety systems across the board. >> when the reality is, the president and this administration have asked the congress for $825 million for just this purpose.
6:35 am
assist commuter railroads, passenger rail and implementing the technology. >> and, again, eight people died in that derailment in philadelphia. more than 200 injured. and a few of them about three people are still in the hospital, in fact. again, this morning, between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. the ntsb says it will tweet out that piece of missing information, was the engineer using his phone at the time of the derailment? we will know that and, again, push that out to you immediately on the air waves and the nbc 10 app. chris cato, nbc 10 news. and philadelphia police are looking for a driver who hit a man crossing the northbound inner drive of roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. the victim was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and pelvis and head injuries. investigators are looking for a black honda or accura with front end damage. and police are on the
6:36 am
lookout for a man who attacked a woman as she walked down a busy street over the weekend. investigators say the attack happened on north 3rd street. police say the 28-year-old woman passed a man who was sitting on a bench around 1:30 saturday morning when he suddenly attacked her from behind. she fought him off and screamed until he took off. >> it's scary. you know, and i worry for everybody. i worry for anybody who doesn't live in the city that comes in and i worry about our residents you know. great, amazing neighborhood. but just to reiterate, you cannot -- you have to take precautions. >> police are working to find surveillance of the woman's attacker. and two suspects are behind bars after they allegedly led police through a chase. sky force 10 over in the city's frankfort section around 9:00 last night. the suspects crashed their car into another vehicle, ending the chase. authorities say it began in ben salem when the suspects hit
6:37 am
several police cars there. no one was hurt. 6:37 right now. there is a viewing today for the philadelphia teen hit and killed by suspected drunk driver on sunday night. police say the driver ran a stop sign before hitting and killing 17-year-old matos. the driver has not been charged. police are waiting for the results of a blood alcohol test. 6:37 we're still in the 60s right now. but not for long. not with bright sunshine today. humidity stays low today, but not tomorrow. we're looking at a potential heat wave. hot and humid tomorrow and that could lead to strong showers and thunderstorms in the area. just isolated for tomorrow becoming more widespread as we head into the weekend. this morning, though it's sunshine, for doylestown philadelphia and millville. and that sunshine is going to be bright enough to warm us above normal for this time of year. like yesterday, we'll be in the middle to upper 80s this
6:38 am
afternoon. clouds are offshore. don't have to worry about those. sunny skies today it's tomorrow that we'll see clouds returning with a possibility of a shower and thunderstorm. but for today, you'll definitely need your sunglasses. look at the warm-up, too, pocono mountains, isolated spots of fog will disappear as they warm to 78 degrees, 80s for redding and quakertown. plenty of sunshine for mt. holly, up to 86 this afternoon. and cape may airport, a little cooler on the beach, atlantic city 83 middle 80s for vineland and dover. and plenty of sunshine for west chester, wilmington. today will be the cooler day. from the heat that we'll carry on into the weekend. the weekend forecast is calling for a steamy afternoon saturday. if we get those storms it could fall short of the 90-degree mark. but it's going to be borderline on saturday. sunday's looking closer as the humidity comes down. full forecast when i come back in ten. >> if you're on 295 heading to
6:39 am
trenton, ewing, or pennington, you'll come to a complete stand still. >> sky force 10 over the overturned tractor-trailer that dumped juice boxes, apple juice boxes. and now jessica boyington is here to get us around that. >> yeah, we've been dealing with this for quite some time and i think it's going to be here for quite some time. you can see the tractor-trailer overturned. now, actually, two lanes kind of squeezing by but a massive backup on the northbound side of 295 behind this scene. police activity there, as well, this is between burlington. you want to take the new jersey turnpike, probably your best bet, but if you want to avoid toll roads, take 130 to get by. compman avenue and just a few moments ago, it wasn't like this. you can see how quickly things can change. headed southbound up toward the vine street expressway. about a 32 minute trip. and if you're headed northbound you're going to be involved with sun glare, as well. use caution when traveling through.
6:40 am
upper moreland easton road, an accident there. it comes down to race that's according to some texas community leaders. the police officer caught in this viral video pulling a gun on african-american teens has resigned. the case is not over yet. and it never seems to be enough room on planes. airlines are trying to change that. but that change could force you to invest in some new luggage.
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6:44 a pennsylvania school funding commission will apparently miss its deadline today to issue a report on ways to hand out state aid to pennsylvania public schools. they had a year to issue the report. but the panel says it needs more time. the kbhigs is made up of 12 lawmakers. as well as three senior aides to governor tom wolf. a complete and utter lie. a lawyer representing the family of brandon tate-brown says that describes the original explanation by police of what happened when they shot him to death. the lawyer made the statement yesterday after the city of philadelphia released new evidence in the case. this video shows the moment officers nicholas carelli pulled over tate-brown in mayfair last december. in the initial statements the officers said tate-brown reached into his car for a loaded gun.
6:45 am
but new transcripts appear to contradict that. the lawyer says in those transcripts he says he opened fire at tate-brown as he ran toward the passenger side of the car not as he reached inside. police say they did find a loaded gun in the car and the d.a. cleared the officers of wrong doing. tate-brown's filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city. happening today, a lawyer for a texas police officer says she'll release new information about his resignation. resigned after this video surfaced showing him clashing with teenagers while responding to a call about a fight at a pool party. the video shows the officer wrestling a teenage girl to the ground and pulling his gun on two boys. the police chief called the actions indefensible. no decision has been made about whether he'll face charges. >> yeah got a feeling we haven't heard the last of that story. let's head out to new york. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning to both of you. >> coming up on the show was it
6:46 am
them? we're going to be live in the new york town on edge this morning after a possible fighting of those escaped prisoners. plus, more of our exclusive interview with the son of the woman being questioned in the case as someone who may have possibly helped those inmates. >> also, need to book a flight for your summer vacation? what some airlines are now doing to make it harder to find great deals. plus reports that a copy of the next "fifty shades of grey" books has been stolen. a police investigation underway. yes, i know. it's hard to get through that without laughing when we get started on "today." >> we're not sure whether this is a real crime or a carefully timed publicity stunt. >> yeah a little bit suspicious. >> right. >> thank you, we'll see you in 12, 13 minutes or so. >> all right, you got it. and meantime first lady michelle obama spoke to graduates at a chicago college prep school last night. first lady obama spoke at dr.
6:47 am
martin luther king jr. college preparatory high school. it's the same school that won the fasfa completion challenge in an effort to increase the number of students who complete the application for student aid. it was part of the reach higher initiative. >> instead of letting yourship hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you. let them make you even hungrier to succeed. >> the first lady spoke to students about overcoming obstacles and encouraged them to work hard after graduation. former florida governor jeb bush is scheduled to make his first ever late night tv appearance next week. he'll appear on the "tonight show" on tuesday night and the two should have a lot to talk about because bush is expected to officially launch his presidential campaign on monday. he will join a crowded field, ten republicans have declared they are running for the gop
6:48 am
nomination. eagles fans have no shortage of opinions ever. >> apparently they're able to express those views using proper english. how about that? well, this is a live look at the place you'll find a lot of birds fans during the season lincoln financial field. a "wall street journal" sports columnist analyzed fan comments on websites of each team. and each site ranked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. and out of the 32 teams, eagles fans ranked third for proper grammar for punctuation and spelling. and they had a total of 5.2 mistakes per 500 words. lions fans the best written smack talk. sadly, fans of the washington football team ranked last with 16.5 mistakes per 100 words.
6:49 am
we've got the best weather today, too. at least for today. sunshine will be nice and bright and philadelphia will be warming into the 80s like yesterday. we'll see bright sunshine the humidity is low and will be falling. that number's already starting to come down. 65%, 68 degrees, that's three degrees cooler than yesterday. some clouds some filtered sunshine at the shore to start with. that's a live view from the hotel. all these numbers coming up in a hurry. 61 in pottstown. millville in the 50s along with wrightstown and 50s in montgomery county, too. farther north and west collegeville at 56 degrees. a look at the 50s for upper providence. 58 degrees to start the day. but satellite shows we are in the clear. no sign of any clouds so it's going to be a quick warm-up into the 80s today. but tomorrow hot, humid conditions will be pushing into the area with more southwesterly winds. and that's the beginning of what
6:50 am
could be our first heat wave of the season. enjoy this while it's around. sunshine warm yes. nice and comfortable with a light southwesterly wind to 12 miles per hour. tomorrow into the 90s. 93 after a morning low of 68. there's a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. if they do pop up they could be strong. and then the chance of severe weather will increase for friday up to 94 degrees. and 90 on saturday. that's going to be near 90. we get those storms earlier in the day. we may fall short of the 90-degree mark on saturday. and we will definitely be cooler on sunday and more comfortable, too, as the humidity comes down sunday afternoon. 80s with just a chance of showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. >> we continue to follow that major problem on 295, the overturned tractor-trailer. >> yes, jessica boyington. what do you have? >> up to at least a 25-minute delay now on 295. this is out in burlington county where actually two lanes are getting by now. so that's definitely a good thing.
6:51 am
and much better than it was earlier this morning. as we've had all lanes closed. there's a major backup behind that scene of the overturned tractor-trailer carrying juice boxes. so right behind there on the northbound side this is right around burlington and mt. holly road. traffic crawling on by. no delay headed southbound as a gaper delay behind that. but if you want to get around it, take the new jersey turnpike. and if you want to avoid toll roads, take 130, as well. out on the schuylkill expressway starting to see some jams heading into the center city area. no problems headed westbound. but eastbound right here toward the vine street expressway about a 19-minute trip right around montgomery drive. for mass transit, we are still dealing with market frankford line delays 10 or 15 minute delays. check before you go to see if that affects your trip. speaking of mass transit, was the engineer of amtrak train 188 using his cell phone at the time of the deadly derailment in
6:52 am
philadelphia? coming up i'll explain why we'll have that answer in about 2 1/2 hours. live at a local swimming pool. it is swimming season after all. how do you keep your kids safe? one local ymca is going out to help a group of children. i'll have more on that coming up next.
6:53 am
new jersey's pension system is a mess but don't blame teachers and other school employees. over 20 years, teachers have paid more than 10 billion dollars into their pensions, but new jersey politicians have paid just three underfunding teacher pensions by billions. unless the state makes its pension payments the entire fund could disappear in twelve years- threatening over 200 thousand teachers with poverty in retirement. school employees have done their part. now, politicians need to do theirs. it's only fair.
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6:55 am
was the engineer of that amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia killing eight people using his cell phone at the time of the crash? we will have that answer according to investigators in about two to three hours this morning. according to a report by reuters, investigators have determined whether the engineer you see there was distracted by
6:56 am
his phone at the time of the derailment and the ntsb says it will release that finding. it will tweet that answer between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. now, as you recall, he suffered a concussion in the crash, doesn't remember anything about the crash. his attorney told the media in the days after the crash that he had his cell phone in a bag and got the phone out of the bag to call 911 after the crash. so investigators will tell us this morning if they think that story's true after searching the cell phone records. and again, nbc 10 will push out that information as soon as we get it through our nbc 10 app. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. >> live in wynnewood where behind me about 30 students from the diocese are inside the seminary. they're spending the week here learning about church management. it's not something that's typically taught in the seminary. their bishop teamed up with the center for church management to teach a crash course of finance,
6:57 am
human resources and business management. they are now required to assume more roles than before. reporting live in wynnewood, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> and live at the ymca. 300 kids will be receiving free swim lessons. this is a few we're going to be seeing plenty of over the next couple of months. people in the swimming pools trying to beat the heat. but this is really an attempt to teach more children in the area how to swim. drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for kids ages 1 to 4 and the second leading cause for children under 14. the hope is to possibly save a life. the first time the ymca has done something like this. and the kids need to be watched since drowning can be silent and quick.
6:58 am
the school selected will be announced later on this morning. nbc 10 news. and your first alert traffic this wednesday morning. we are dealing with a major overturned tractor-trailer. you can see, actually two lanes getting by on the northbound side of 295 out in burlington county. all lanes closed earlier. we have huge residual delays behind that scene. police activity and investigation there, as well. blocks on the right-hand shoulders, as well. we can see a huge backup behind that. about a 25-minute delay. now, again, this is right near burlington and mt. holyly road. and if you want to avoid toll roads, take route 130, as well. on the schuylkill expressway, we are dealing with an eastbound delay of about 20 minutes headed toward the vine street expressway. around montgomery drive. no problems headed westbound.
6:59 am
starts to jam up around city avenue. out for mass transit, dealing with 10 to 15-minute delays for the market frankford line no problems for patco. it's a sunny one. sunshine is up, and so is sky force 10. look at the nice blue sky. a live view from above our area. what a perfect day for a flight or any outdoor activities today. lots of sunshine, the humidity stays low. what a great day to go boating, huh? >> yep. >> sunshine will be bright and upper 70s in the mountains. right now, 57 degrees for mt. pocono. 57 at philadelphia. it's still on the cool side. but it's going to be a quick warm-up. we'll see the numbers climb into the 80s by lunchtime. close to that mark, 84 2:00 expecting a high of 87 degrees this afternoon and turning hot and humid starting tomorrow. if you love summer heat -- >> it's here. >> we love it.
7:00 am
>> yeah it's going to ride that run into the weekend. >> all right. happy birthday tracy. >> thank you. have a nice day. >> these two still get carded. "today" show's up next. good morning. empty handed. day five and no sign of the two escaped killers after a possible sighting. police swarming a small new york town as the son of the prison employee considered a person of interest in the case comes to his mother's defense. >> if she was involved in neg, you can rest assured there was a good reason. >> ramping up? president obama considers sending hundreds more u.s. troops into iraq to the aid in the fight against isis. would it help stop the terror group's expanding hold on that country. was with he distracted? new findings on the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. will they reveal whether the engineer was


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